Maria Morelli
Maria Morelli

Pound : fitness with an attitude.

Don't like bouncing around like Tigger or standing on your head? Do you want a fun and effective fitness class?


 Look no further than this - Pound! You are provided with Ripstix to drum your pounds away and tone up. With great tracks and working at your own level, you will feel the burn without having to jump around! You will  get in shape and strengthen muscles thanks to dynamic and static postures, and have a full body cardio workout! For all ages above 16 and all levels. 


All you need is a mat/towel and plenty of water. For level 1s please have 2 chairs also

Every Thursdays starting from the 10th of September



6.30 to 7.15


Ripstix will be sent by post so pre-booking a week before attending class is necessary








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