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Videhelp: Videos with hints and tips for dance and fitness

Welcome to the page where I reveal all my secret hints and tips to help with your dancing and fitness


Slowly and surely it will start filling up. If you like it and would like to give me some feedback or have a request, please use the contact me 


I hope you enjoy it xxx

MIM's Triple Fold

This veil move started as MIM's double fold with only two people on each end. It has now developed in MIM's triple fold with an extra person in the middle. We love doing this veil move!

Tango 8 Step

This step is used in our Tango: Se Marcho Mi Amor, from our Zumba Gold. You have asked and I provided ;)


Quick video to explain grapevine to help in class. Hope it helps xxx See you there xx


1st movement of the Hagalla or Egyptian walk

Unedited video of the first step in Egyptian walk. Hope it helps xxx See you there xx


box step or 4 step tango 

All about the basic box step in our tang0. Hope it helps xxx See you there xx


Side Camel 

All about the basic Side Camel and we add shimmy on top of it in class. Hope it helps xxx See you there xx


Tango 6 step with flourish

Yep the six step is back and I have added a grapevine to it!!! 


Cumbia Step - Machete and salsa side step

The challange is real!!! xx 


Mambo/Cha cha step 

Challanging foot combo 

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