Charlotte Desorgher Workshops

                                                                                 9th of November 2019

Charlotte Desorgher is one of the UK’s leading bellydance teachers, choreographers and event organisers. She has been a dancer all her life and graduated with one of the UK’s first dance degrees. After seeing a bellydancer in a nightclub in London and falling in love with the dance, she went on to become a bellydancer in the 1980s before changing career and running a marketing communications company with her husband for seventeen years. 

Charlotte came back to bellydance in 2001 and since then has created and run one of the UK’s largest bellydance schools; put on student shows featuring up to 100 dancers; run an international bellydance festival bringing some of the most famous names in the world to the UK; arranged bellydance holidays to Cairo and Marrakech; developed her own unique blend of bellydance, jazz and Latin, and now runs Company of Dreams - the only professional theatrical bellydance company in the UK, which recently toured the UK with Charlotte’s production of Scheherazade and 1001 Nights


Workshop 1 10:00 - 12:00 
Interpreting traditional accordian/tabla baladi – level 2/3
Learn how to interpret traditional, soulful accordian/tabla baladi. This workshop will give you from simple to more advance moves and interpretations. Let's go back to the traditions of Egyptian dancing and learn how to do justice to a baladi.

Workshop 2 13:00 -15:00
Beautiful hands and arms – level 2/3
Often we are concentrating so hard on everything else that our hands and arms leus down. Yet they are the most beautiful and expressive part of the dancer’s body. In this workshop you will learn how to create beautiful arm patterns, fabulously expressive hands and lift and openness in the whole of your upper body.

 Tewkesbury Haunted hafla with                                       Guest star Charlotte Desorgher


Tewkesbury is a Tudor town with a bloody and terrifying history. You are invited to come to our hall, but be careful of the next building near the car park. Ghosts have been known to haunt it! 

Come and celebrate the spookiness in our Tewkesbury Haunted Hafla. From Witches to Gouls, to Princess bellydancers. This show has it all!!!


Hafla starts at 7pm. No need for tickets, please insert all names when booking in the comment section. There will be a bazaar with sparklies. Food and Drink can be brought to consume during the intermittance. Audience in fancy dress will be given a free ticket for the raffle.



Workshops and Hafla  

Address of Venue: Tewkesbury CofE, 14 Chance Street, Tewkesbury. GL20 5RQ

Please note that tickets are non refundable.



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