Maria Morelli - Professional Bellydancer


Maria is a Professional belly dancer and instructor who continues to train with some of the most famous and brilliant belly dancers in the World, such as Serena Ramzy, Fifi Abdou, Sadie, Delanna, Sophie Armoza, Elis Pinhiero, Queenie, Lorna of Cairo, Yasmina of Cairo and Farah Nasri to name just a few. She also organises and manages workshops and Haflas with national and international artists.


Maria strives to keep on learning, not only about intricate belly dance moves but also its history which continues to enhance the way she dances and reacts to music. She also fuses Eastern and Western influences by dancing to modern pop as well as Egyptian music, believing that dancing should have no barrier and can be translated into anything as long as its foundations are kept pure.


Her favourite style is shaabi and Egyptian Baladi, but also likes to fuse the modern with the traditional, and has recently enetered the World of Tribal dancing. There is nothing more beautiful and sensuous without being overly sexy than dancing with your hips with precise and sleek movements. She performs with various props to include the Shamadan, veil, voi, tray with candles, and fan veils.


She has performed in various event and shows around the UK and is a resident performers for Daphne Restaurant.  She is hired to teach and perform in schools, events, weddings, parties, festival and hen parties. She has also starred in a music video.


Maria is available for festivals, shows, restaurants, parties and music videos as well as tuition, workshops and Haflas.



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