Maria Morelli
Maria Morelli

Maria Morelli: Fitness & Yoga instructor, Massage Therapist and Professional Belly dancer

Thank you for visiting my website,


My name is Maria and I hope I can help you with what you are looking for.

I love teaching yoga, fitness and belly dancing, performing and being a sport and massage therapist. 



My Background:


I started learning ballet and modern dancing at the age of 7. After passing my certification with the Rome Academy of ballet, I performed in theatres and festivals . Unfortunately my ballet school relocated and coming from a small village in the hills of the Apennine (Italy), meant not having the opportunity to use my Pointe shoes anymore. I decided to study Latin-American and ballroom dancing instead. From the cha cha cha to the tango, my hips were now free to move.


After moving to Ireland I threw myself into fitness and studying various therapy tecniques, including Chinese medicine. It’s then that I moved from dancing to martial arts.


I then moved to London to read Psychology and Criminology at a BSc level which i completed with a 2:i. There I attended classes in Ballet, Soca, Hip Hop and Modern dancing.


 I can say I found my calling once I started belly dancing.  I was a fast learner and found myself on stage after 6 weeks and then danced with various troupes.

I have trained with a variety of National and iInternational teachers and now perform and teach. 

Please see my belly dancing page for more info.


 I only teach what I love and I feel it's better for the body and mind. I thoroughly believe that if I enjoy it and I feel it's making a difference to my body and mind, then I can be enthusiastic and true to what I am teaching and my students will benefit from it. 


All my classes are suitable for different abilities and levels and variations are given in each class.


I value CPD and I strive to continue to specialise and further my studies and knowledge.



My studies include to name a few:


~Diploma in Anatomy and Physiology

~ CIBTEC in Aesthetics

~CIBTEC in Electrolosys


~CIBTEC in Sport therapy

~CIBTEC in Sport Massage

~CIBTEC in Anatomy and Physiology

~ITEC in Swedish Massage

~CIBTEC in Stress Management

~Certificate in Fitness Instruction (Exercise to Music)

~Certificate in Teaching exercise, movement and dance

~Certificate in pre-natal and post-natal exercise

~Certificate in GroovyKids Yoga

~Diploma in Teaching Yoga

~The Undeniable Belly Dance Education Programme

~Tribal Fusion Education Programme 1

~Tribal Fusion Education Programme 2 


~Zumba Gold

~Zumba Gold Boost

~Zumba Core

~Pound Fitness


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