Maria Morelli: fitness class teacher and professional belly dancer

Hi I am Maria, and I love teaching fitness and belly dancing. They have both changed my life for the better and I like to pass it on to others.


I started learning ballet and modern dancing at the age of 7. I performed in theatres and festivals after passing my certification with the Rome Academy of ballet. Unfortunately my ballet school relocated and coming from a small village in the hills of the Apennine (Italy) meant not having the opportunity to use my Pointe shoes anymore. I therefore threw myself into Latin-American and ballroom dancing. From the cha cha cha to the tango, my hips were now free to move.


Having moved to Ireland I threw myself into fitness and studying complementary therapy, including Chinese medicine and sport therapy. It’s then that I moved from dancing to martial arts. My highlight is replicating Karate kid judo-style, where I came third in a weight competition as a white belt by competing with a broken foot with brown,blue and black belts.


I then moved to London to read Psychology and Criminology at BSc level. I went back to dancing and attended classes in Ballet, Soca, Hip Hop and Modern dancing. I found my calling once I started belly dancing.  I was a fast learner and found myself on stage after 6 weeks and then danced with various troupes. Nowadays having trained with a variety of National and iInternational teachers, I am a professional belly dancer and teacher. Please see my belly dancing page for more info.


I am Certified Fitness, Dance and Movements instructor and I am licensed to teach Zumba, Zumba Gold, Zumba Gold Chair and Pound. I am also Certified in Pre and Post-natal fitness. I only teach what I love and I feel it's better for the body and mind. I thoroughly believe that if I enjoy it and I feel it's making a difference to my body and self, then I can be enthusiastic and true to what I am teaching and my students will benefit from it. I value CPD and I strive to continue to specialise and further my studies.


All my classes are suitable for different abilities and levels and variations are given in each class.



Certificate in Fitness instruction (Exercise to Music)

Certificate in teaching exercise , movement and dance

Certificate in pre-natal and post-natal exercise

Certificate in GroovyKids™ Yoga 

Diploma in Teaching Yoga (tbf in September)

Certificate in Mindfulness and CBT (tbf in October)

Tribal Fusion education programme 1 

Tribal fusion education programme 2(tbf 2020)

The undeniable education programme (tbf end of May)


Zumba Gold

Zumba Gold Boost

Zumba Core

Pound Fitness





Any queries?

Please call me on 07585 704236 or use the contact form.

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